30 essential services at Colombo you should know of!

Wondering where you can charge your phone, feed your baby or withdraw cash? Discover 30 essential services you can find at Centro Colombo.

Be it on holiday or in your daily life, needing something and not knowing where to get it can be frustrating. Luckily, at Colombo we have (almost) every essential service you could need. Take a look!

From borrowing a wheelchair for someone with a disability, to finding a locksmith to fix a broken key, get to know all the essential services Centro Colombo offers.


Essential Services for your convenience:

  • Water Refill Station: you can refill your water bottle on the ground floor at one of our two water refill stations. Pick between cold and room temperature water by stepping on the left or right pedal, respectively.
  • Wheelchair borrowing service: you can now borrow a wheelchair, free of charge, by requesting it at the Information Desk.
  • [MY PLACE] to work: this service allows you to book a work space at Centro Colombo, via the Centro Colombo app. Bookings cost 1€ per hour.
  • Find your car: never forget where you parked your car again! This service is available on all three floors of our car park. By scanning a QR code in the section you park your car, you will then receive an SMS or notification, with the location of your car.
  • Luggage Storage: Need to store your luggage or heavy coat while you shop, eat, or have fun? Try our luggage storage service, that you can use for hours, days or even weeks.
  • [MY PLACE] to park: travelling by bike or electric scooter? Book a parking space with our app. For 0,5€ per every two hours, you can visit Centro Colombo worry-free. Located on floor -1 in the orange zone.
  • Visitor Assistance: Ana is the virtual visitor assistant that will answer all your questions about Centro Colombo, via WhatsApp.
  • Shopping trolley: need a trolley for your shopping bags? Borrow one at the Information Desk.
  • 5 à Sec – Laundry Service: do you need to do laundry but don’t want to wait forever for your clothes and miss out on what Lisbon has to offer? 5 à Sec is a laundry service that also offers ironing services, on floor 0.
  • USB charging stations: resting areas on floors 0 and 1 have USB charging stations for your smartphone, earphones or power bank.
  • Package Delivery Lockers: waiting for a package but don’t want to stay home all day? Have it delivered to the package delivery lockers on floor -1, at the green zone.


For your children:

  • Volta – Baby Strollers: if you are shopping with children under 3 years of age and 1m in height, borrow a stroller at Centro Colombo for free.
  • Baby Changing Station: there are several baby changing tables in the WCs of floors 0,1, and 2. There is also a dedicated baby changing room on floor 1.
  • Baby Care – a space for your baby: right by the playground on the 1st floor there is a magical space, dedicated to babies, where you can change, feed, and play with your baby. Know more about Baby Care.
  • Baby chairs: at the food court in Centro Colombo, you can request a baby highchair for your little ones for free.
  • Children’s Toilets: all the floors at Centro Colombo have WCs adapted for children.
  • ID Bracelet: to keep a close watch over your children at all times, simply request an ID bracelet for free.
  • Colomboland: cranky children? Bring them to the playground on floor 1 and watch them play and jump around.


For unexpected issues:

  • Lost and Found: have you lost or found something at Centro Colombo? Contact our Information Desk and we’ll be happy to assist you.
  • Haberdashery: lost button, broken zippers, torn shoelaces – there is a home for all of them. You can find a replacement at the haberdasher!
  • Dental clinic: there are three dental clinics at Centro Colombo, with very flexible working hours, from 09:00 to 00:00.
  • Car Repair Shop: on floor -1, at the red zone, you’ll find a car repair shop, open from 09:30 to 20:30.
  • Cobbler & Locksmith services: at Centro Colombo you can find two shops that offer cobbler and locksmith services.
  • Seamstress: if something happened to your favourite jacket or pair of jeans, you can have it fixed at Centro Colombo, at a seamstress shop on floor 0.


For your car:


For banking services and currency exchange:

  • Banks: there are three banking agencies at Centro Colombo (ActivoBank, Millenium BCP, Banco CTT) should you need one!
  • Currency Exchange: if you forgot to bring euros to the EU, there are two currency exchange shops inside Centro Colombo.
  • ATM: you will find ATMs (Multibanco) all over Centro Colombo.


Browse the full list of services at Centro Colombo, here. We hope you enjoy your visit!