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The Concept is very simple, as children of Vendas Novas we always had the idea of ​​bringing the Bifanas Concept abroad, beyond the borders of Alentejo. It is true that Bifanas are the ex-libris of Vendas Novas, but it is also true that Soups, Pies and Homemade Desserts are not far behind. So we took all that, gathered our little bundles, and went to the Capital. Made from the best quality pork loin, tender and well-beaten by hand, fried in a tasty sauce and served in a more or less roasted paprika, the Bifana de Vendas Novas is the pride of Our Land. Much is said about the Secret Sauce of Bifana de Vendas Novas, but as the saying goes: “the secret is in the dough”! And it’s true, only the Vendas Novas Bakery knows the secret of the dough with which our carcasses are made. But that dry talk is perfect with Bifana, there it is! Visit the Bifana de Vendas Novas restaurant in Centro Colombo, 2nd floor.

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