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Casa Havaneza is one of the oldest cigar shops in the world. In fact, it was back in the distant year of 1864 that Casa Havaneza was founded in Chiado, in Lisbon. Present in the Colombo Center since 1998, and now with a completely renovated store, Casa Havaneza is committed to the quality and variety of its products, in especially with regard to Cuban cigars. The Centro Colombo store has a modern Walking Humidor where the best cigars in the world, the genuine Puros Habanos, are kept and displayed in the most correct conditions of humidity and temperature. It also has a wide range of premium drinks and a range of accessories for smokers from prestigious brands such as ST. Dupont, Colibri, Peterson and Adorini. Casa Havaneza presents a unique experience for those who enjoy the luxury of tobacco and other delights and pleasures, such as cognac, rums or exclusive pipes. Visit the Casa Havaneza store in Centro Colombo, floor 0.

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