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At Gleba, we work with local, ancestral and sustainable cereals, with which we produce your favorite breads. We are a bakery that combines a return to our origins, in the name of sustainability and health, with the reinvention of the future, in the name of an incessant evolution of those who know that, to deliver the best, they cannot stop. A future where innovation joins hands with local and craftsmanship in a permanent balance. Every day our teams work to guarantee our three main pillars: 100% local cereals, grinding on stone millstones and natural fermentation.100% local cereals Gleba is a return to the origins and cereals grown on our soil, with ancient and sustainable varieties. Grinding on stone grindstones Grinding our own flour allows us to use it at its peak quality, without using any colorings or preservatives. Natural fermentation Our bread is slowly fermented with sourdough for around 24 hours. This process greatly facilitates digestion and enhances flavor.

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