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Imported from Spain, Pans & Company specializes in innovative sandwiches. From the simplest, most genuine sandwiches, such as “Lombo Queijo e Bacon” and “Grilled Chicken” to the most elaborate and cosmopolitan sandwiches, such as our specialties, all are made with authentic and tasty products. Company has evolved in step with the ever-increasing demands of the palate. Nowadays, recipes are creative, innovative and exclusive, thus making meals a stimulating experience. A fusion of flavors, gastronomic cultures and recipes that are popular all over the world, but always with a Mediterranean touch. So that you can enjoy a complete, healthy and balanced meal, Pans & Company at Centro Colombo cooks them on the spot with basic ingredients. of the Mediterranean diet always fresh and natural. Visit the Pans & Company restaurant in Centro Colombo, 2nd floor.

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