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Wok to Walk was born in 2004 in Amsterdam, after a trip through Asia. They opened a small restaurant because they wanted to have fun at work and cook the kind of food we would like to eat in our busy day-to-day life: fast, fresh and delicious! But the concept grew and grew and now there are more than 100 across 16 countries. Commitment and passion have not changed since day one: we remain faithful to our origins, offering delicious personalized recipes and a great show! Everything is freshly prepared, with the type of noodles, ingredients and sauces chosen by the customer. The customer can choose from fresh, nutritious and tasty ingredients, cooked in woks right in front of him, which are served in a few minutes. The Wok to Walk concept was imported into Portugal by the Multifood Group. Visit Wok to Walk restaurants in Centro Colombo, 2nd floor.

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